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best pay poker sites in 2014Updated In August, 2020 - There are quite a few online poker sites and poker apps that are just for free play. Facebook poker games and such are fun for some but I find them to be boring and a waste of time. Pay poker sites in 2014 are those that offer the option to play poker for real money against other people. Around one third of pay poker sites accept US players in 2014. You don't always have to make a deposit to play for real money at a pay poker room online. This is because every pay online poker site is broken up into two sections. One is for real money and the other is for free or play money. Non depositing players are not condemned to the free chip tables though. Pay poker sites run special poker tournaments that anyone can enter for free and that have a real money prize pool. If you win the free money you can play at the real money tables, buy into single and multi-table tournaments or cashout, although some pay poker rooms in 2014 do have wagering requirements on money won through freeroll tournaments. They may require a player who won $1,000 in a freeroll to earn 500 loyalty points before they can withdraw money. You earn points every time you play cards at a real money tournament so this really isn't a big deal. Pay U.S. poker sites also offer other ways for Americans to win free money without making a deposit. They may run a contest that awards 500 people with a free $50 bankroll or no deposit bonus. The promotions at pay poker sites vary greatly and change all the time. I have listed the best pay poker sites for US players in 2014 below. These pay poker rooms have the highest traffic, best software, easiest deposit options for Americans and the fastest payouts in 2014. If you do not want to deposit but want a chance to win real money at a pay poker site I would suggest either Carbon Poker or Full Flush Poker.

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guide to pay poker rooms online in 2014 - pay poker sites - real money online poker sites for US players

real money usa online pay poker sites 2014Pay poker sites have been around for over 15 years. A pay poker room operates the same way that a brick and mortar casino that offers poker games does. They take a small fee out of each real money pot and that is how they make money. For tournaments you will pay the free with the tournament buy-in. It typically adds up to 10% so if you are playing a poker tournament that costs $10 to enter you will actually pay $11. This is why tournament buy-in fees at pay poker sites are usually formatted like this: $10+1, $5+$.05 or $30+3. For cash tables or ring games they use various formulas but usually it is never more than 3% of the pop and capped at $3-$5. It really depends on how many people are playing and the stakes. If you are playing heads-up at a $1/2 NL Holdem table and the pot is $30 they may take out $.50. If you are playing at a $1/2 NL Holdem table with 7 other people and the pot is $30 the poker room may take $1 out. Most people who play at pay poker sites play at the micro and small stakes level. Common table limits at pay poker rooms include $.01/$.02, $.05/$.10, $.25/$.50, $.50/$1 and $1/$2. When I first started playing at real money pay poker sites online I loved watching the high stakes tables. Stakes at these tables vary from room to room but some go up to $1,000/$2,000 or more. That is just the buy-in. The biggest pots at pay poker sites on an average day can exceed $500,000. Usually only the pros play at these stakes. The highest I have ever played at was $30/$60 on a fixed limit game of Omaha HL.

Pay US poker sites accept deposits via Visa, Mastercard and several other means. If you win money you can request a payout via paper check delivered by a courier (3-7 days), Moneygram (1-5 days), Western Union (1-5 days) and bank wire (7-14 days). There are other cashout methods for USA citizens at pay poker sites but these are the most common. Pay poker sites give all first time depositors a bonus. This free poker money is usually placed in a separate bonus account and will be credited in small increments. For instance, if you claim our Carbon Poker bonus you will receive the bonus in $5 installments, usually after playing 30-45 minutes depending on the table limit.

The new pay poker site open to U.S. players in 2014 is Full Flush Poker and they give you a deposit bonus that must be earned and an instant 20% cash credit. If you deposit $100 you will receive $150 in your bonus account and $130 in your real money account. You will also receive 10 Copper Coins, which are real money MTT entry tokens. You also get Promo Bucks, which can also be used to buy into tourneys at pay poker sites in 2014. Check back here for the latest news and bonuses from USA friendly real money pay poker sites in 2014.